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This is the real game changing product for rapid elearning authoring. Fully online, very powerful and accessible anywhere.

Composica is a web delivered service…  nothing to download, nothing to install, nothing to update….  simply log in and start authoring.

All the tools are included to create engaging, interactive and powerful elearning, backed up with support to advise, train users and get the most from this product.

Composica is being used by thousands of web based elearning authors across the world, nolonger restricted by rival software based products locked down to a single piece of hardware. Authors are able to log in from anywhere, collaborate, share tasks and build elearning together. All courses are stored and backed up in the cloud, taking away the stress of virus’s and backing up.

All Composica content works beautifully with all SCORM compliant systems, including our own Learning Management System.

Before you buy the market leading software, we’ll be pleased to give you a free trial of Composica, and are 100% certain you’ll love the flexibility, power and price. With a free trial, you’ve nothing to lose, give it a go!

Creative Learning Systems is the largest Composica reseller to Public Sector in the UK, and we also sell to education, corporate and commercial, and third sector organisations. Composica is a Government G-Cloud approved product, meaning it has passed the strict vetting process and are used hundreds of Public Sector elearning authors.

Composica Key Features:


pens1 Composica eLearning Authoring Rich Environment
Full control over the way elements appear and behave. Authors are never limited to a set of predefined templates or styles.
socialauthor Composica eLearning Authoring Social Authoring
Authors, designers, subject matter experts and reviewers collaborate using a sophisticated groupware authoring environment.
messages1 Composica eLearning Authoring Task Management
A fully featured built-in tasks system helps streamline the course development process and empower authors to share workloads.
alarmclock1 Composica eLearning Authoring Rapid Development

Authors using Composica report a high increase in productivity and a major decrease in development time, of up to 70% at times.

recycle1 Composica eLearning Authoring Reusability
Composica’s object oriented approach provides unprecedented control over the efficient reusability of content and its logic.

users11 Composica eLearning Authoring Social Learning
Composica empowers authors to take full advantage of social media tools to create a learning community around each course.
lightbulb on1 Composica eLearning Authoring High Interactivity
Multiple Choice, Drag and Drop, Fill in the Blank, Hot Spots, Hot Words, Point & Click, and Surveys are just some of the tools available to authors.
question and answer1 Composica eLearning Authoring Assessments
Every interactive assessment feature imagined can be easily implemented using simple objects and widgets with no programming or scripting.
signpost1 Composica eLearning Authoring Dynamic Navigation
Authors can create simple page-turners, as well as sophisticated branched navigation schemes, and anything in between.
die1 Composica eLearning Authoring Serious Games
Serious Games employ powerful motivational elements such as competition, humor, and the satisfaction of winning through applying a skill.

component1 Composica eLearning Authoring Powerpoint
Composica makes it quick and easy to migrate existing content created in PowerPoint into a Composica course.

palette1 Composica eLearning Authoring Multimedia
Composica supports any media supported by the browser, including GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, SWF, PDF, Office documents, and many others.

magic wand1 Composica eLearning Authoring Effects
Sequencing, adding effects and applying visual transitions to elements is a breeze with this system.

bookmark1 Composica eLearning Authoring Tagging
Any resource can be tagged, from the course itself, to documents, tasks, and media files. The tags can then be used to search, filter, and sort through resources.
presentation1 Composica eLearning Authoring Publish Options
Web Server, Zip File, Scorm 2004, Scorm 1.2, Executable Application and Installation Package are the publishing options available.
plug2 Composica eLearning Authoring eLearning Standards
Composica is proud to be a great supporter of eLearning standards. Composica is fully SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and AICC PENS conformant.
toolbox1 Composica eLearning Authoring Hosted or Installed
Composica is available as both an on-demand solution (ASP/SaaS) hosted on Composica servers, CLS Servers, or as an installed solution on client servers.
earth1 Composica eLearning Authoring Multi-Lingual
Composica features extensive multi-lingual support. Courses can be written in any language, including East-Asian and Middle-Eastern languages.

training Composica eLearning Authoring Composica Training
Creative Learning Systems can train you and your staff how to use and get the most out of Composica.
care+21 Composica eLearning Authoring Composica Support
Creative Learning Systems offer a competitive support package to provide on demand technical and authoring support.

GPS 1 Composica eLearning Authoring

Creative Learning Systems is a UK reseller for Composica. Composica can be purchased by the UK Public Sector through the GCloud procurement portal.